Welcome To Adventure - Dandeli River Rafting

 Dandeli and Joida are places  which are called as Nature and Adventure Heaven. Resort arranges for Dandeli Adventure Activities and Dandeli Jungle Safari                          



Water River Rafting

Dandeli white water river rafting adventure in Dandeli resort.

 Rapid river rafting is done in high kali river rapids and it is exciting adventure sport. 

Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking in Kali Tiger Reserve Government.

 Nature walk and Jungle Trekking is done in Morning under naturalist.  


Kayaking in Kali river.

River Kayaking in Kali River

Bird Watching

Bird watching in Kali Tiger reserve.

 During Trekking naturalist identifies you various birds and explains you about them. 

Raft boating

River raft boating with the help of Guide and family.

 Raft boating is done in Kali River, your can see best river surroundings during boat ride. 


Zipline in kingfisher dandeli resort.

 zip line Jump is awesome adventure activity where we slide with help of pulleys and rope.  

Adventure in Dandeli

Jungle Safari

Dandeli wild life jungle safari at dandeli.

 Jungle Safari is conducted by KALI wild life Government Forest Department.  


Water river zorbing in Kali river.

River Ball Zorbing is Fun activity where you need to roll inside it and balance.

Coracle Ride

Coracle ride in Kali river.

  Coracle is done in oval shaped metal/bamboo made boat. Twister in coracle ride gives you fun. 

River Swimming

River swimming in Dandeli kali river.

River Swimming in kali river using Life Jacket

Natural Jacuzzi

Natural Jacuzzi bath in River with spring water.

Natural JacuzziBath under river water current Raft boating is done in Kali River, your can see best river surroundings during boat ride. 

Rapid Surfing

Surfing in Kali river.

River Surfing under White water high river currents

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